Can't seem to change color


First of all, I love this Sydney template! I am busy with customizing but a few things aren’t as easy as i thought.

I want to change the color of a couple of things:

  • The text: “DO YOU WANT TO…” It is still red and i can’t find where I can change it to blue (even when I edit in the row and set the font-color to blue, it still shows up as red.

  • The 2 red blocks with social media and with the facts (projects, cups of coffee etc…)
    I don’t know where I can change that. I looked into the style.css but couldn’t find it.

I hope someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Link to website:

On my Masonary layout which only has 3 post, the pictures are flush left.
How do I get them to center?
Also How to I change the font color on the title?

Hi @slysnel you can change the widget title using these css code below:

div#pgc-220-1-0 .widget-title {
    color: #3e87b2 !important;

and to change the background color of the section, you can manage it from: Edit page > edit row > row styles > theme > background color.

Hi @dgrylas please creat new topic to post your question, and post the URL of your site also :slight_smile:

Hi Awan, Thanks for the quick reply and thank you for the fix! It all works now :).