Can't import the moesia-demo


Hi I installed the theme and all plugins as mentioned in the tutorial, but I cant import the demo.

Is this a problem because I have done the update of the theme before??? Or do I need to set the rights to a special folder to 777??? I have done this before with the uploads folder.

There were no possiblities to check or uncheck any Checkboxes or radio buttons like it is shown in the video. Only the round about 8 on top (overwritings) nothing else.

I really like your theme and looking forward have running the sample in a good way.

Many thanks for your help


with the settingsv10.xml there is no problem…


As I could see there are others who have the same problem. So I just send you the login infos you like to have in the other topics. Kind regards.



…I have used the wrong import section - everything is running now… I found it out… Just have looked at the video much closer and then I know how to gu further…

Great theme… I will go trough the tutorial from now on a little more concentrate…

All the best