Can't get Sydney to be responsive

I am using Sydney - in conjunction with the SiteOrigin site builder.

Cannot for my life get it to be truly responsive on mobile devices.

  • Just updated to Sydney Pro, Version: 2.0.8 - but the same issues persist.
  • I have tested this with your recommended page builder - same problem.

I used several page builders that allow mobile/tablet views/editing formats - and they all show perfectly responsive in their respective view/editing editing modes - with nice big fonts.

  • But it still won’t work when looking at the site from my phone or tablet [Android, Chrome].
  • I get some basic column wrapping, if I set screen size in “Settings -> Page Builder -> Layout” to 1024px
    • anything less, then I don’t even get basic column wrapping

I have switched the theme as well - to Mesmerize - and it worked perfectly well !!
But I don’t like other aspects of the Mesmerize theme.

Still, there are two blocking issues to use Sydney at this point [maybe it’s just one]:

  • I have to set phone/tablet width to 1024 px - otherwise, I get no column wrapping at all

Once I set it to 1024px, then I get column wrapping - as setup in the page builder

  • But the fonts are teeny / illegible [maybe because the 1024 px ?]

How do I get my pages to be responsive, with nice big fonts showing on mobile screens.
I also want to set mobile screen sizes to less than 1024 px to scale as needed.

I looked at other posts - but they don’t seem to apply here.

regards, Joachim

Hello Joachim,

Can you please provide a link to your website and some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.