Can't get rid of (original) header image

I can’t get rid of the first image - woman holding phone - despite removing it, changing it.

Part of the problem is that I can remove it and replace it, in preview it is gone, but when I try to ‘Save and Publish’ - the little wheel goes round - but it doesn’t work. The picture is still there and nothing has changed.

Then when I go out from the page - I get the pop-up ‘Leave this page’ or ‘Stay on this page’ - as if nothing has been saved.

My hosting provider also said that the theme was slowing down load up times, perhaps due to pictures.

Here’s my site:


If you can’t save your settings from the Customizer you should try disabling some plugin and see if it helps and also you might want to re-install WP. The theme doesn’t break the Save button.

Not sure what you mean about the load times, your site loads fine for me. Of course, images can’t slow down a website.

HI Vlad,

Ok, my hosting company said to deactivate plugins as the site was running slow. I’ve just changed to a new provider and new WP install. The problem was that I’d disabled one of the recommended plugins which affected Customizer. Now it works again (though I can’t see my images in the Customizer - though they appear on the screen?).

But images can slow down a website no? I’ve reduced my image sizes - the ones that appear in the header - and the site is over 2 seconds faster now on speed tests.

The recommended plugins don’t affect the Customizer, unless they made some updates to them and something went wrong. Though most likely there’s something wrong with your WP instance.

Yes, images can slow down your website and you should always make sure you don’t use images bigger than you actually need. As I said before, your site loads fast for me, almost instantly. It did before, it does now.