Can't get nearly half of front page items to show


I went through the manual word by word, but somewhere somehow it never actually mentions HOW DO YOU GET Services, Employees, Testimonials, Clients, Projects to show up on the front page??

I got as far as to set a fixed page in “Reading”, but even so, i only got a totally messed up looking 1/3 of the page width of “Services” on there, the rest i filled out never showed up at all.

Please update that instructions page so it is clear how to get them all showing on the front page.
Are they somehow supposed to show up all automatically, let’s say after i entered a few clients (but mine sure did not show up), or what else do i have to do??
Got the xml file just uploaded and installed earlier today so latest version, all else seems to be working but the front page …

P.S. i am still working on it and may flip to different other Themes in between, so i am not sure if it will show as it is


Just forgot to tick the “notify me of follow up’s…”


Not really sure why the documentation page needs updating. There is already a video here that shows how to configure your front page, from setting a static page and assigning the right template, all the way to adding services and other blocks:


A link to your website would also be helpful to see what you have so far.


I’ll have to change the Theme back first, got frustrated and switched to another one that is not nearly half as good as yours.

Will post the link tomorrow, have been at it for 14 hours straight now …


Hmm, i have to leave the current different Theme on for the weekend Vald, someone wants to have a look at it, but i wonder if my troubles with your much more advanced theme could be as described in this tuts:
"Setup homepage and blog page:

  1. Go to Pages – Add New, name it Home or anything you need.
  2. Publish the page with no content.
  3. Go to Pages – Add New, name it Blog or anything you need.
  4. Publish the page with no content.
    Active Homepage and blog post page

Before adding sections to the homepage, you need to activate the homepage first. To do so, First you need to hit Home Page tab and activate homepage layout."

Is this where i go wrong??
I mean, i simply chose any one of my existing pages as “static home page” while trying out your theme, would i have to do something similar as explained in the tut above??
(In any case, that would be the part that’s missing in your tut, or at least i did not see it.


I’m going to say this again, there is nothing missing. Have you looked at the link I posted? There is a video there that shows what you need to do. I don’t know why you’re looking at tutorials from other themes while trying to setup Moesia when there is a 5 minute video that shows how to configure your home page.


My apologies Vlad, glad you pointed it out twice to me.
Indeed, i kind of completely overlooked that second tuts video, either to tired eyes or thinking it is just an IMAGE, not a video.

Now it’s all clear to me and i’m ready to get back into Moesia.


It’s ok, we all overlook things at some point. Feel free to create a new topic if there’s anything else.