Can't get client logo even with the rest


Hi there,

One of my client logos is sitting below the rest, which looks rather bad. How can I correct this? Here’s my web:

Thanks in advance.



Oh sorry, I almost forgot: and too far from the rest of the client logos…Thanks.




You should resize it before you upload it and make it the same size as the rest. And the space is there because you probably have a client with no logo.


Yeah, I resized, tried several sizes, and it’s still not in line with the rest. I did, however, correct the extra space between the logos, per your advice and guidance. Anything I can try to line them up correctly? Thanks.



This is the image:
As you can see it has white space above and below the actual logo. The other two images don’t have those spaces:
So just edit your image and remove that space.


Ok, will give it a go. Thanks a mil, as always, Vlad. You’re a lifesaver.