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Good day, I would like to make the button on the menu “attorney profile” go to the section on home page “attorney profile”. I know that I need to do a custom link, but I just cannot find <div class=“panel-grid” id="… on my home page. The link to my website

Thank you


Actually you can find it if you are using “Site origin page builder” plugin. But I noticed that you are using “elementor” page builder. So you can’t find it :slight_smile:

And I also noticed that there is no “Id” attribute of the section on your “Elementor” page builder, so you can’t use it as target to scrolling the page to the section. Instead, you may need to use this plugin:


Thank you so much!
To assign ID to page sections I use “Page Editor” as shown in the examples, and it works, but then my home page loses all the customization that I have done through the Elementor plugin. If I return page appearance to the state I have done, the custom link I have created is not working. So, how can I make the Elemetor styled page work together with your plugin? Thank you very much


I just activate the Elementor plugin on my site. I noticed that there is an option to set “Section ID” to the elmentor section.

Open your elementor editor > Advance > CSS Id