Can't find Projects Tab

Looks like this portion didn’t install. How do I find that package portion to reinstall or import? I am able to add the projects widget in the front page, but can’t add projects. Only posts. This is a really fun theme and I’d love to solve this right away. Please help.

Have a look at the documentation please. You first need to import the settings xml file.

Thank you, Vlad. Yes. The first thing I did was read the documentation and have imported the xml.file. I wrote asking for help after I did that.

It says: “Data Not Valid”. Should I copy and paste into the code box, rather than import the .xml file? I’m so confused.

The data is valid :slight_smile:
Resave the file again please. You just open it, right-click it and Save as .xml. Then you use the import area in Types and you upload the file. You don’t need to use the codebox.