Cant edit Widgeta

Hi there,

When I am in the customizer section I am trying to edit the widgets and they are not appearing and for some reason my page wont either?

I need to change the hours int he first footer. Why isnt it appearing? (see attached)

Hello there,

Is it only happening while editing widgets? What out other customizer groups? To check if one of your current active widgets is causing you this issue, try visiting Appearance > Widgets and put off your widgets one by one. Before doing so, you should backup them using Widget Importer & Exporter plugin. If you find none of them troubles you, the source of the issue may come from one of your active plugins. You’d visit plugins administration and temporarily disable all active plugins (except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox) at once. Then activate them one by one. This procedure will help you diagnose which one be causing a conflict with customizer. If none of this really helps, try switching to one of default WordPress themes like Twenty Seventeen and check if widgets customization still not functioning properly.