Cant download pro theme because download link has expired?

Come on now… I purchased the theme why cant i download it. What do i need to do now.

Hello there,

I’ve assigned this to @charlie who manages the system. He’ll check your account as soon as his time permits. What is your username or email address you used to purchase the theme? Note that you don’t need to share the password.

Kharis is the email that i used to purchase the theme but can you please send me the download link to

Do you have an answer as to why the link is expired? Ive never purchased a theme and had the download link expire. Seems sketchy. Please provide me with some kind of explanation as to why this happens.

Hello, Thank for passing me off to charlie but i still have no answers. Can you confirm that someone can help me before the end of the day 5pm CST?

Hello there,

I’ve contacted Charlie over our Slack channel. He’ll reply you as soon as he receive my message. Please be patience as he seems likely still be offline. Note that we’re distributed team working in separate continents. Thus some delays may apply because of different time zones.


Great thanks for the reply.

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Gabe W.

You’re welcome Gabe!


I just emailed you.