Can't create links for Site Header

You can review this site to get a better understanding of the issues. Bear in mind that a lot of my users are using small monitors, and are thus viewing the tablet-sized screen, with the hamburger button which isn’t obviously a menu button to -them-.

In Sydney Pro --> Appearance --> Customize --> Sydney Pro Options --> Header Contact Info -->

The Home Icon isn’t clickable. I got several of my co-workers complaining about this in a survey I sent out.

The phone number isn’t web-enabled, i.e. clicking on it won’t make a call from the user’s browser via VoIP. This is necessary to make the company reachable from anywhere in the world.

The email address isn’t clickable – can’t receive an email at that email address, nor can I make it a link to the Contact page on the site.

The Address can’t be made into a link to the Office Locations page.

Please can you address these issues ASAP in the next version?


Site is

Yeap, these seem like good points and we’ll look into adding them.
Not sure about the home icon though, where exactly would you expect it to lead? I don’t see much reason in it leading to the homepage as that’s not what it stands for.

Hey! What’s up??? IT IS not clickable still!

Hi! I just came across this thread and wondered if there was any movement on this issue - I would love my email to be clickable from the header as well. Thanks. Stephanie