Can't change service colors


I’m starting to use Moesia theme and like it a lot.
I use the Latest News Service on the front page, with cutomize colors.
I place it in a “Home Page” page (define as front page) and define front page as static “Home Page” . But Colors stay as predefined (white background, …)

Thanks for help


Can you please post a link to your site, Sim? It always helps us to be able to see what you’re talking about.


www.bä (beta test !!! :wink:

Hi Sim,

Thanks. You may be on to something because I can’t get it to work either. Let me ask Vlad to look into this. What colour did you want the background of the news section to be?

You can expect a reply tomorrow.

ho, a bug !

backgroundcolor #222222, same as wide site. (for the moment, it could change, it’s why i’d like the section parameter).
ok for tomorrow


Yeah, I used some underscores instead of dashes.

Please go to the styles.php file and find and replace:


with this:


thanks, it works.

see you for another questions …



i don’t know what’s happened, but since update to V1.06 everything goes wrong with my site. I use Page Builder. It’s ok for the home page, but in “Videos”, those i embeded seems to big for the screen ?!
And in “album” i had images with effect wich appear no more. If i insert a simple image, it’s ok. Very to big, but it appears.

It was perfect with V1.03.


As a temporary fix you can download version 1.03 from here:

Before uploading it, you’ll need to either delete the current version or re-name the theme folder.

Evrything is going allright with 1.03, cool.
I thing i’ll wait a long time before make an update :frowning:
you know what the problem is ?


Can you switch back to 1.06 for a bit so I can see what the issues are?

yes, if you want. there’s not a lot of mod to do to com back to 1.03.

done. you can send me an email when you were finish.

Using the Front Page template on secondary pages is causing some issues.

Please go to header.php and find this:

<?php if (!is_front_page() || ( 'posts' == get_option( 'show_on_front' ) ) ) : ?>

And replace it with this:

<?php if (!is_page_template('page_front-page.php') || ( 'posts' == get_option( 'show_on_front' ) ) ) : ?>

Nevermind what I said before, I just saw that you are using multiple columns for that page.

Add this to your style.css or a custom CSS plugin:

.panel.widget {
   width: auto !important;

ok, nice.