Can't change menu in top header

I’ve tried so many things, and nothing works…
On my site I want a normal horizontal static main menu with all the main subjects attached in the top header on the front page and throughout all pages.
I see it is in many of the sydney theme tutorials but I simply can’t make it work on my site…
Please help :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hello there,

From your dashboard, visit Appearance > Customize > Header area > Menu style > Sticky menu; and choose static.

Doesn’t it work for you?


Hi Kharis
No as I said I’ve tried everything…
Can only get the fold down vertical menu
But I want a horizontal one
Also I simply can’t seem to do anything with the top header space
If I go into widgets, menu etc I’m only giving the opportunity to add below the header, in sidebar or in the footer areas…

best wishes

Hi Kharis
No it don’t work, I imported the sydney demo data to try something new,

but it only made it worse,

and now I’m stuck with demodata on all my pages which I can’t get rid of…

Best Mai