Can't Add A page without sidebars

So I want to add a page without the sidebar. But the problem is, I can’t add a normal page with front page selected without using the page builder plugin. If I just write things in normal Wordpress MCE, it doesn’t get show up.

And if I add a Text widget, it adds a circular bullet in every text. That’s npt the way. I just want a without sidebar page where I can put this [kpt] shortcode. Which will show me a table like this:

Now what can I do?

You can get the latest version of the theme which includes a full width page template:

Nice. Worked. But I installed from WordPress today. It installed 1.09. Why you guys don’t publish it as default?

And can you say, how can I stop- the always hovering menu button to a fixed position? LIke after the big header image?

Because 1.11 isn’t yet available. It wasn’t reviewed been yet by the theme review team at

You can add this in a custom CSS plugin for the menu:

.admin-bar .stuck {
    margin-top: 0 !important;
.stuck {
    position: relative !important;

Added the code in style.css but seems there’s a problem. The services tab jumps to right after scrolling past the menu.

live at

Seems like Chrome has no issues with it, only Firefox and IE do.

Add this also:

.stuck {
   overflow: hidden;

for some reason I cannot start a new topic here.
So my Question fits somehow herein.

Is it possible to show the projects without sidebar? Were do I have to make the changes?