Cannot update woo commerce cart Update cart button is disabled


Sydney Pro 2.0.4 theme with Woo Commerce

THE ISSUE: Cannot update woo commerce cart on the /cart/ page. The Update cart button state remains disabled after changing a cart items quantity

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: the Update cart button state should change from disabled to enabled after an items quantity is changed


Go to Sydney Pro Demo
Add an item to the cart
view the cart
change the items quantity
Try to click the Update cart button

Confirmed this is not an issue when switching to another theme like woo commerce storefront

Thanks for your support


Will check it out and get back to you shortly.
Thanks for reporting.

Hi again,

Please update to the latest version.

wordpress isnt showing there are any updates from sydney pro 2 theme, please advise

we are on version 2.0.4
what’s the latest version?

ive tried deactivating liscence key and reactivating but still no updates.

I refreshed it, check now please. Should be 2.0.5