Cannot update Sydney Pro


I recently transferred my domain to Go Daddy and now cannot update my theme.

The following error appears:

Updating Theme Sydney Pro (1/1)
Downloading update from…
An error occurred while updating Sydney Pro: Download failed. Unauthorised

Currently 1.35 is installed.

I have checked that my key is active.

Please help



Please go to Appearance > Theme License, copy your license, delete it, save and then re-add it and save again. It should solve the issue.

Brilliant. All resolved.

Thank-you :slight_smile:


I’m having the same problem. I have version 1.41 and want to update to version 1.46.
I’ve done what you suggested but it still won’t work. I even disabled all plugins but still no go.
Any suggestions



As far as I can see your license is expired. You’ll need to go to your account to renew it: