Cannot get portfolio on front page to work

Hi - I’ve exhausted all my options on trying to figure out why my portfolio projects aren’t viewing properly on my front page. In the Moesha demo, the portfolio projects section shows several images from each project. However, mine shows other “featured images” from other projects. Could you please advise me on what I’m doing wrong?

Note: on my front page I also tried using other plugins to help resolve my portfolio projects problem, however I’d prefer to use the solution shown in your Moesha demo. I’m running Moesha Pro, so hopefully there is a solution to my problem.



I can’t see anything wrong with your portfolio section. On the demo, as well as on your site, this section shows only one image per project and that image is the featured image.

Not really sure what you mean by other images from other projects, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the plugin you’re using. Moesia FP: Projects widget shows only entries add from the Projects tab (the one you got when you imported the settings file).

Let me know if there’s something I’m not understanding correctly.

Hi Vlad - Thanks for the clarification. I now see that the subsequent images in the demo are images from other projects. So is it that when you hover a project image, clicking the link will go to the project page and show other images for that project? While clicking on the magnifying glass will show other featured images for other projects in your portfolio?

I know it might be redundant, but is it possible to set up a portfolio on the front page where the viewer can see a thumbnail featured image from each project and when you click them, you can get a lightbox viewer of other images for that project? Maybe something similar to the other portfolio gallery on my front page (2nd from the bottom).

Thank you again for your prompt response and help!

Ýeap, the thumbs you see when clicking on the magnifying glass are from your other projects. So it basically creates a gallery of all your projects inside the lightbox.

Unfortunately, you cannot show all the images from a project inside the lightbox. That would kind of defy the purpose of linking the projects to their single posts.

Ok thanks for the info. From your answer, I’ve decided to use a plug-in to display my portfolio.