Cannot find Layout or Templates


When I try to set my home page to anything except my blog roll, the screen is divided into 3 columns, completely blank in the middle?
I can’t seem to find anything under templates on the page that matters, nor does it have a full width option as mentioned, however I am not using pro.

I cannot find any layout buttons or options.

I would really like to figure this out.

Thanks so much.



You can get the latest version from here and it changes that space in the middle. It’s not yet live but you can get it from that link before it is. The version that I linked also provides a full width template, though I’m not sure you’re going to need it for your front page.


When I try to install the update, it tells me the folder already exists within my control panel.

Any suggestions? Just wait for it to be live?


Well, yeah, you first need to delete the theme - you won’t lose anything, content or customizations.

You can also wait for the update to be live if you want, but we’ve already been in the queue for 7 days now and it appears we’ll have to wait 2 or 3 days more.


I didn’t delete the site or the theme, I just deactivated it. I will try your suggestion.


Thank you! That fixed it!!