Cannot change Contact Widget colors


For my Dutch website: I want to make the font colors of the Contact(Neem contact met ons op) widget white, but I can’t manage to get this done.

I did manage to make a few elements of the Services(Specialiteiten) widget white and I used the same settings for the Contact(Neem contact met ons op) widget, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

I also see that a part of the content in the Services(Specialiteiten) is still dark grey and I don’t know how to make that white either.

Hope you can help.


Hi, for some reason, I can’t access your page, check the link please.

In general each widget should be placed in separate row and in addition you can apply changes for that row too.

And if something needs additional styling I can send you custom CSS code for that.

Hi, I think it’s really weird why you can’t access my page, I copied the url from the url bar :frowning:

I set all colors back to standard, the row, widget and frontpage section, then I deleted the widget, re-added the widget, fill it with content, left all colors standard and set the frontpage section Contact colors to white, but still no changes.

I also upgraded to the latest version, but still no changes.

So I’m still a bit in the dark here. Any suggestions?

Here, look.

Contact your hosting provider and ask for support, I checked here and it says it is down. Really weird.

I tried to change color, it wont work. It will be fixed with an update, soon, probably tomorrow. Keep contact section with default colors for now.

Hi dimikjones,

in what country are you located? Perhaps the website cannot be displayed in certain countries, let me know what country you are in and I will check with my hosting provider what’s up.

I tried to install the update, but I see it’s not available yet.

Overwrite styles.php with this one until update become available.

I am in Serbia.

Hi dimikjones,

I overwrote the styles.php with your version, but no changes were made.

I send a support request to my hosting provider to see why you can’t see my website.


Hi dimikjones,

I forgot to change the colors on Appearance > Section Colors, the title is white now, so that’s awesome!

But the content font color does not change. I changed this in the widget font color to white, but it doesn’t change. Do you have some code to make that work as well?

I also got a reply from the support department of my hosting provider, perhaps it helps you to be able to access my website:
Unfortunately that error could me a few things. First can he try clearing
his browsers cache and flushing DNS to see if
that helps.

If not please try loading the site via a proxy like

Lastly if he still cannot connect to the site please provide a trace
route to the domain:

Let me know if it works,


There is no option for content color from Front page colors, apply custom css below:

section#contact {
    color: white;

I can access from and with different browsers from windows or linux I can’t. I will try traceroute and let you know.

Traceroute for your domain

Hi dimikjones,

where should I leave this piece of code?

section#contact {
color: white;

You can use simple custom css plugin.