Cancel Subscription

Hi There

How do i cancel my subscription? I have tried the link on one of the previous topics but have not received an email to cancel. Please advise at the soonest.

Many Thanks


How must we get a hold of you guys to cancel subscription. The link that was sent to me does not work. People dont respond to emails. The only support is here and you guys do not respond. What must i do to cancel my subscription?

This link does not work for me -

Hello Vinesh,

I asked person that handles such issues to check this topic, sorry for inconvenience.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you Roman. I appreciate the feedback!

Hi Roman

Please note no one has taken the time to get in touch with me to rectify the problem. I am rather disappointed in the level of service i am receiving.

I do apologies placing this message in this Forum, however no one is replying to emails and it has become extremely frustrating.


Hello Vinesh,

I’m really sorry that it takes so long.

You had to receive email regarding this issue.

Can you please check your inbox spam folder?

Kind Regards, Roman.