Can you show only selected employees / skills / services on the front page?



My page is at I’m really liking this theme and the effects, thanks a bunch!

There’s only one thing, it seems like the default setting for the Moesia FP widgets is to show every single service, testimonial, employee etc. that you’ve created in each of the relevant tabs. I was wondering if there was a way to filter them and show only the ones you’ve selected? My page is multilingual (using the Polylang widget for this as well), so I’m e.g. creating different language versions for each of the services, and want these to appear on the appropriate home page for every language.




Filtering the custom post types is not possible, sorry.
But doesn’t Polylang let you assign custom posts to a language, and other custom posts to another language? So if you use the services widget for example it will only display services in that specific language?


Hey. Yes, usually Polylang does do that, but for some reason it doesn’t give me the option for all the Moesia tabs (see Maybe the problem lies with Polylang though? I’ll see if they can help as well…


If you go to Polylang settings you’ll see that it lets you activate translations for custom post types too. They’re off by default.


SUCCESS!!! Thank you Vlad, you’re a total legend!