Can widget Sydney FP: Portfolio display more then 10 projects


I am working on web page using Sydney theme, my client made request to add more Projects listed in Sydney FP: Portfolio.

Widget is set to -1 to display all slugs of projects, but listing is limited to 10.

Can Sydney Pro theme display more projects in Sydney FP: Portfolio?

Thank you.


Yes, it can display any number of projects, just make sure that you all slugs correctly . In my example I have duplicated one of items and widget displayed 11 items

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Thank you for fast respond.
I made mistake with my question, my bad.
I want to know about adding more categories slugs to be displayed in Sydney FP: Portfolio.
Having more links (15) displayed in place of: Show all, Landscape , Nature…

Again, I am sorry for using wrong terminology.


Yes, you can display any number of categories in portfolio element and items from them will be displayed . Off course since I only have demo portfolio items, I have assigned them to more categories so there is still same amount of items, but if you have different items in different categories thy will be displayed successfully.

Best Regards!

Thank you.
My issue is solved.
Just as you said, I had to assigned projects to new categories before previewing the portfolio widget.
In my situation, some of my categories ware empty and wasn’t displaying.

Again, thank you for helping.