Can we integrate the Page Builder Widget into the Call to action Widget?


I’m new to Sydney and Wordpress in general. I love the theme!
However, I want to customize a few things. Especially, the call-to-action widget does not come with a rich text editor under the “enter your call to action” section. I was wondering if we could integrate the Page Builder Widget into this section.
If that is not possible, how do I create custom CSS code to this section.

Here’s a link to my site:

As a workaround, I have added html text with embedded css code to the “enter your call to action” section. But I’m looking to handle this change gracefully.

I noticed that there is a section called “Widget Styles” but I don’t know how to use it. Also, I’m not sure if I can achieve what I want to from that section.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks, again.

Apologies for missing out a few details.

Site link:
Section that I’m talking about is in the front page under “Our Philosophy”.

Here’s the html I wrote under the “enter your call to action” section:

<span style="color: #d65050;font-size: 16px;"><strong><em>Buddha</em> </strong></span> discovered the secret of dhamma (dharma) - the law of nature, expounded it through Tripitaka, thereby, finding out a remedy for the physical and mental ailments of all living beings. Hence, he is called Bhaishajya Guru - the master healer.


There is more simple to add text below your cta button widget.
You can add widget text below the cta button widget, place it in one row :slight_smile:

Hi Awan,
Thanks for the response. I feel like such a noob! :slight_smile:
Your suggestion worked.

Quick question: How can I use the “widget style - attribute” section? It says ‘A CSS class’ and then has a section for attributes. I couldn’t figure this out.

Thanks, again!