Can I use INTRO theme (main page only) as landing page?


After several hours surfing the net I just stopped by your INTRO theme… Let me just please say THANKS for this amazing work as you’re giving it for free too… It’s pretty much what I’m looking for to create a custom landing page!

So my need (hope not to bother with this as I don’t know anything about CSS or .JS) is, if there’s any chance to have as landing page an image -similar you have with the airplane- with all it’s content on it, nothing more… No menus, no services, photos or posts…

It may include ONLY animated text header + “just another business them” text + two buttons as links, so I can change it or customize it.

Is it possible to create a page like this with my custom theme ???

Please, help me out if you can for free… I would love to have this in my theme (as landing page) included.