Can I use Elementor pro with Alizee pro theme?

I am working on a site kohi click test and I wanted to use the Alizee pro theme and shift from the existing theme to Alizee pro. I wanted to use Elementor pro for desired functionality and requirements. Can Elementor pro compatible with Alizee pro.
Guide me.


First thanks for using our themes!

The Alizee and Alizee Pro are old themes and were not created based on Elementor. I did a test here now, and the Elementor works with theme, but we can not guarantee that all functionalities of Elementor/Elementor Pro will work (probably yes).

We can guarantee the Elementor full functionality with our Elementor based themes like:

We hope this helps and clarify!

Let us know if you have more questions.

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aThemes Support

Ok, Thank you for your complete guidance. I like to move on to the mention above themes.

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