Can I get this theme?

Hello. I want to know which theme is that using this site or Is this available here? Can i get free version or its paid? Please help. Thank you

Hello there,

Both sites aren’t using our theme. However they look identical to Sydney. If you’re interested to use it, we’ll always be ready to help you set your site up with it.


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Thanks. I will look on it.

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.


Yes, I wanted to ask about this theme as well. its a free version i think as it is simple one. do you know which theme is that?

I want to use this theme or similar to this one, which can be free or premium. but theme should be schema optimized.

Hello. can anyone reply please? I also want to ask about this website theme. as my client wants me to develop website like this. which theme will be able to make tool based website like this?

I also need them can anybody suggest me…!