Can I get a how-to? Adding a button on contact info header area


How can I add a cta button next to my social icons in the upper right section of the header?

Referencing this -


Hello there,

From your site dashboard, visit Appearance > Customize > Sydney Pro: Extra Options; then go to Header contact info; set the button name onto “Call to action title” box and set the link onto “Call to action url” box.




Hi Kharis:

Thanks for the reply. Here’s a shot of the options I see under “Header Contact Info” - nothing about “Call to Action” options…What do you suggest?


Hello there,

From your dashboard, visit Appearance > Themes; and check if the Finance child heme is active.



Sorry for the misunderstanding - I’m not using the Finance child theme. I’m using the “Default” Sydney Pro theme. I want to add that header button that the Finance theme has to my existing configuration (see screenshot at the top of the thread). Is that possible?