Can I edit Copyright via theme's function.php?

Can I edit Copyright via theme’s function.php?

if yes, what will be the code to edit “Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Moesia by aThemes” these two line?

You can change this in footer.php file, lines:

<div class="site-info container">
			<a href="<?php echo esc_url( __( '', 'moesia' ) ); ?>"><?php printf( __( 'Proudly powered by %s', 'moesia' ), 'WordPress' ); ?></a>
			<span class="sep"> | </span>
			<?php printf( __( 'Theme: %2$s by %1$s', 'moesia' ), 'aThemes', '<a href="">Moesia</a>' ); ?>
		</div><!-- .site-info -->

But this is free theme, it would be nice if our link stays :slight_smile: .

Yuo can hide it with custom CSS like this:

.site-info.container {
  display: none;

I want to keep moesia credit. But want to add some copyright information. but that way, it’ll be deleted once the theme updates. There’s a plugin called

Can I edit the footer with Code Snippets?

It’s wiser to use child themes for any customisation you will make. Read more about it here:

For that plugin, create snippet:

add_action('tha_footer_top', 'your_function');

function your_function() {
  $content = '<div class="site-info container"><p>This is inserted at the bottom</p></div>';
  echo $content;

And chang text This is inserted at the bottom as you like :slight_smile:


It’s giving me two function now. You gotta tell me the code which removes the default theme code at footer and replace it through the snippets plugin. (Sorry, don’t know PHP)

Hi, yes, aim of code that I posted is exactly that. There is no hook which is directly responsible for displaying footer. So best way is to create child theme and edit footer.php file inside your child theme.

In that case you will not lose settings when you install an update.