Can I change the employees URL to something else?

Hi. We are a small studio and our team members are, well, team members, not exactly employees. So I was wondering if the custom post “employees” might be changed to something like “members”.

If not, well, I guess I can create a page for each member and make the names in the “employees” section link to those individual pages instead of the customs posts… but I was wondering if there’s a more “proper” way.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Carlos,

What plugin are you running right now; Toolset Types or Sydney Toolbox?

If you are currently running Sydney Toolbox, try to add the following function into your child theme’s functions.php file.

add_filter('sydney_employees_rewrite_slug', 'sydney_child_employees_slug');
function sydney_child_employees_slug(){
	return 'members';

add_action('init', 'sydney_child_flush_rules');
function sydney_child_flush_rules(){

If you haven’t been running a child theme yet, you can download it here.


Hello Kharis. Thanks for the fast reply.

I know what child themes are but had never used them before. I just installed Syndney-child but when I activated the home page slider featured the original images and title texts from the unmodified them (not my content I mean). I quickly switched to not-child-Sydney after that so our readers don’t find that weird change. Is there something I can do to prevent that?

I’m using Sydney Toolbox by the way, yes.

Best regards.

Please don’t forget about my question :frowning:

Our website is this:

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the delayed respond.

Maybe the customizer setup you have done previously won’t be synced automatically. Please follow the steps outlined here. Search for sydney and replace it with sydney-child (your child theme’s folder name).

Let me know how it goes. I’ll wait to hear back from you regarding your stats.


Please don’t, I wasn’t demanding anything, I was just afraid that this thread had become buried between so many others. You guys offer great support and it’s free (that I know of! heh) so I have nothing to complain about :smiley:

I followed those steps and got this error message (after editing the file, checking that the URLs for the images and all that were there, saving, and importing back):

“Error importing settings! Please check that you uploaded a customizer export file.”

Those steps also include changing some numbers, not just “sydney” for “sydney-child”. Is that part missing in what I’m doing?

Hello there,

Could you confirm if you imported file-name.dat file?

You don’t need to change those numbers.


Yes of course I did, I first exported the custom settings to “sydney-export.dat”, then imported then back after activating sydney-child and got that error message.

There’s something else I’ve been meaning to ask but forgot to.

I used Custom CSS in order to display only 2 projects in a specific way as Dimi suggested here.

I guess I can use the child them for this too, instead of using the plugin?

Thanks in advance.

I managed to solve everything by myself in the end. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

@kharisblank I changed the employees slug to deal with your code successfully but at the top it shows like this “Employees Archive”
Is there any way to change that also. I’m using Sydney child theme

Hello @Apogeesoft,

You could use the Custom Post Type editor to change any post type properties.


@kharisblank Isn’t there any code to set it default for all the post in that section?

Yes, it will present by default in all post links. You could change the permalink slug with the plugin I mentioned.

Let us know in a new topic if you other else we can assist.