Can I add site descrition in header.php


As I described in my first help request I am not a developer and coder. Thanks to stuff I receive answers that makes me believe I can reach my target - to make a good site :slight_smile:

My new question is: can I add such an code to header.php?

< meta name = " description " content = " Short description of the site" / >
< meta name = " keywords " content = " water, beer, juice " / >

If yes, where can I place it - before standart meta’s, after or it does not matter.

I already installed google console and made some updates. Now site is listed in search results on the first page, but since my company is the general distributor of a brand listed on the site I would like to move a little bit upper in the results list :slight_smile:

Thanking you in advance.


Please check Yoast SEO plugin:

Kind Regards, Roman.