Call To Action

Is it possible to change the url the home button on the navbar links too?

thank you.

Not sure I understand. If you want to change something in the menu then you need to go to Appearance > Menus.

I’m sorry I didn’t explain well. I’d like to add a “call to action” button that sticks to the navigation bar, but is outside the menu bar so that it is present even on the smallest screen. An example would be the “GET A FREE ACCOUNT” on

If this isn’t possible, or super tricky, is it possible to change the URL that the home button on the far left of the navbar.

The theme is awesome btw.

I think you can use this extension we’ve made for Moesia if I understand correctly what you’re trying to do:

thats a fantastic feature. its not quite what im looking to do.

is it possible to change the link on the home button on the left of the navbar (on your demo it says Moesia and links to the home page).

I’ve a child them set up but I just cant seem to find where to put the new link.

thank you!

Ok, I think I get it this time. If you’ve made your child theme following the method described in the Codex, then you have a functions.php file in your child theme.

  • Open the functions.php file from the parent theme and search for moesia_nav_bar(), which is a pluggable function;
  • Copy it from lines 306 to 339 and from 341 to 345 and paste in your child theme;
  • replace esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ) with ''.

If you mess anything up you’ll most likely break your site, so do this only if you have FTP access so you can revert the changes.

I’m not sure I have FTP access. Is it possible to turn the three bar menu off in the nav bar and replace it with text - i only have one menu item anyway.

Also is it possibe to keep the menu “sticky” on mobile creens e.g. it sticks to the top of the screen ?

  1. No, not without a child theme.
  2. It is. But you shouldn’t do it because some phones are not capable yet of handling it properly.