Call to action widget box background not full width

The call to action widget box on my front page is full width, but nothing I do seems to be able to replicate this on the Weddings page.


Did you mean the section with “DO YOU WANT TO…” title? If so, please try to put the following css code using simple custom css plugin:

#pg-8-2 .panel-row-style {
    background-size: contain;

That is where I meant, I tried adding the custom css but it didnt work.

The code is worked but maybe not as you expected :slight_smile:

I think your image is too large, maybe you can decrease the size of the background image and if its still not displayed as well, you can adjust the size and the position of your image using following css code:

#pg-8-2 .panel-row-style {
    background-size: 100% 87%;
    background-position: 50% 100% !important;