Call To action slider to different section


I am facing one issue:
My site:

On the first row I have a list with CTA button “Mūsų paslaugos” which I want to slide to the section “Paslaugos” (which is on the same page, just one or two rows below).
Is it possible to do that?

And let’s say I have in other page CTA button, that I would like to lead to the same “Paslaugos” place (even though CTA button is not in the same page).
Is it possible to do that too?


Yes, you can link your buttons to sections on the same page or other pages too, just you have to set a section ID in Page Builder Row to the Widget, the ID you will know, or you can inspect your site with developer tools to find out the widget area IDs, so for example for your request you can link to the area with any button from your site, by linking that button to #pgc-86-2-0, it will work for single page ( on the same page, or you the full URL to make it work on all pages and from all pages, like

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