Call to Action returns blank page


I added a call to action button with a link to a specific id on a diffrent page but clicking it redirects me to that page but its stuck on loading.

The page with Call to action button is below:

Link in Call to action button is as follows /row-id-test#mslider

where #mslider is the id of the slider in row-id-test page which is below:

please advise what im doing wrong or if i missed something.

Thank You.

Hello there,

From the web browser’s console, I noticed that your Row ID Test page contains the following JS error:

TypeError: jQuery(...).tab is not a function

which is found in the WP Tab Anchors plugin. This error stops the theme’s page loader animation script to work properly as it should. Please deactivate the WP Tab Anchors plugin and try again.


Thanks Kharis. Works like a charm

Thank You