Call to action (only one) open in new window

Hey there

I have created the following site

and at the bottom there is a Call To Action button labelled/called “Webshop”, which I would like to open in a new window.

How can I achieve that?

Thanks for your time



Please add the button using a Visual Editor widget and use an anchor tag with “roll-button border” class and target="_blank" so it will open the link in a new tab, so add this code:

<a href="" target="_blank"> Webshop</a>

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Hi Csaba

I am not quite sure what you mean… I am using the Sydney theme Call To Action widget. How do I add that to th Visual Editor? Or am I suppose to add the button in a different way?

Thanks for your time!


same question…
I put a url in “link for button area” and it works, but I would like it to open in new window. Where do you put the code you mentioned?