Call to Action Link

Hey guys!

I’m having some trouble using configuring the ‘call to action’ buttons.

I’m trying to setup some buttons on the frontpage to link to various parts of said page, as you’ve made in the demo. If I want a button to take me to the services part of the frontpage, I should only have to config it to link to #services, right? Before that though, I should have to define which part of the page is #services, no?

I want to post here the link to my page but I’m still uploading the page to the server…

Thanks for the help!!


link to #services, right?

No. There is no #services ID. Each row gets an unique ID assigned by the Page Builder plugin, in this form:


The row position starts from 0. You can also get the IDs by using the Chrome dev tools.

That did it! Thank you, Vlad :smiley:

And can I config the front page header button link as well?