Call to Action Can't change Font colour on Button! Help!

Hi, I have been searching ALL of the forums but now I am COMPLETELY stuck.

I have changed the colour of my CTA button using simple custom css from advice on these forums.

But the writing on the button only shows in black (writing) if I hover over it.

I obviously need the writing to be showing all the time!

How can I fix this??

I want the writing to be white on the button.

And how can I make the button go transparent on hover??

It is staying solid at the moment.

I only know how to input simple css in the simple css plug in, I am a totally noob in building websites.

VERY GRATEFUL for any help! It’s driving me mad!!

Here is my website url:

Many thanks in advance!!

Hi there,

Please try to use this CSS code instead:

.my-cta-button .roll-button.border:hover {
    background-color: transparent;
    color: #6b97bf;

.my-cta-button .roll-button.border {
    background-color: #6b97bf;
    border-color: #6b97bf;
    color: #FFF;