Call to Action Button help browsers

Call to action button shows up on Firefox on a MAC but not Safari or Chrome Is there a CSS workaround?

Hello there,

It’s displaying properly on both my Chrome and Safari. I am using MacBook as well. Probably your web browser’s cache couldn’t load the last changes you’ve made with the CTA button? Try clearing it please and run your test.


Would a recent install of a firewall on the website have any effect on this? I’ve cleared my browsing history and cache as well as the sites and still I dont see it on various browsers. Even recent additions to the nav where under “Concept of Terroir” the third sub is supposed to be “Wine and …” It shows only on some interior pages but not fro the home page.

Your inner pages’ header are configured differently, which use static header image. To add a CTA button on header image, you’d need to add the below jQuery code with the TC Custom JavaScript plugin.

jQuery(function($) {

  var headerImg = $('.header-image');
  var ctaBtn        = '<div class="slide-inner">'+
                      '<a href="" class="roll-button button-slider">Button Text</a>'+

  if (':visible') ) {


Then add this extra CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

.header-image .slide-inner{
  top: 50%;
  -webkit-transform: translateY(-10%);
  -moz-transform: translateY(-10%);
  -ms-transform: translateY(-10%);
  -o-transform: translateY(-10%);
  transform: translateY(-10%);