Call-to-action-button diappeared

Dear athemes-team,

my call-to-action-button on my homepage disappeared.
I don´t know what happened. I already tried to switch of all plugins to see, if one of them is causing this issue. It´s not.

Did you face similar events?
Please advice for fixing this issue.



I’ve your text slider is set to Stopped, this is what happens and we’re aware of the issue. As a temporary solution until the next theme version, you can try this:

Hi Vlad,

that helped to put the button back in place.
But when I click it´s only reloading the site.
How can I recover the function to switch to the first section (by default it was #primary)?


Share a link to your site please so I can see what’s happening.
You did modify the href in the code to be href="#primary", yes?

Thanks for that hint, I did the href to homepage
Now it works
Thanks again