Call to Action Button Color changes that only possible thru "Additional CSS"

Hello and thank you for the great theme,

I wanted to change some things in Call To Action widget button so searching the forum found this topic :

I copied the code for Normal State that I was interested

/* Normal state */
  background-color: #fff000;
  border-color: #fff000;
  color: #ff0000;

and put it child theme’s style.css of course with the appropriate color changes for my site.

I noticed that only "background-color: " can be changed this way… “border-color:” and “color:” don’t !!!

to fully work the code or to be able to change colors of border and text you have to add the code thru Appearance > Themes > Customize > Additional CSS

This, mentioned in the bellow topic too

Why is happening that, the style.css I thought was the first in priority of theme’s design changes…

Now, maybe this is not a big issue and I agree, but I want to have all the changes of the design in child theme’s style.css and because maybe that issue appears on other sections too, I wanted to report this and know if there is a solution

Thank you

Hello Ngos,

Please provide a link to your website and describe what exactly you want to achieve.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Please is it possible to provide the link and some questions thru email because we don’t want to publish any content until is done

thank you for your understanding


Hello Ngos,

You can send it here:
Please include a link to this topic.

Kind Regards, Roman.