Call to action button bugs?

Hello guys,

First of all - really nice theme, thanks a lot for your work.

I have some strange issues with call to action buttons that do not correlate sometimes with their actual location.

On my (admin) machine everything is fine but whenever you go for the other machine (or mobile device) - only first page with call to action buttons work fine. Whenever you click the next page - call to action buttons might (or might not, I cannot see any logic in that) be the same as previous. They change to their actual state occasionally but there is no logic in that either.

I will illustrate with the pictures attached
How it should be
How it should be on the second page
How it is after you go to the initial page

Here are the pages in question (they are in Russian, sorry for that, but the result would be visible without the language barrier:):

To achieve the “bug” results please go to the page one, after that to the page two and to the page one once again. It should show call to action buttons from the second page which is odd.

Thanks in advance,
Denis Gorbachev


Hmmm, at least for the first section on each page, I’m seeing the same text (Ювелирные салоны) for the buttons no matter how many times I refresh or how I check it. The links are different though. I assume this is the issue you’re describing?

Try two things please:

  1. disable any other plugins except the ones recommended by the theme,
  2. try to remove your two pages as children of the portfolio page - maybe the Page Builder plugin has some issues with that.

Hi, thanks for suggestions.

  1. I am not using within these pages any non-recommended plugins, only call to actions buttons by Sydney theme
  2. I have removed pages as children but the result is unfortunately the same

Are there any other call to action buttons (not Sydney ones) you could recommend?

I didn’t mean disabling plugins that are used on those specific pages, I mean disabling plugin that are active across the site. Might be some conflict. That’s if you have any other plugins.

There’s the widgets bundle from SiteOrigin (same as the page builder) that has a call to action button.