Call action button removal

Hi all,

this is really a pure and awesome design of a theme that i’m trying to configure out. Thanks to all contributors.

Is it possible to remove the “call action button” from the front page? I dont’t want to use it, frankly.

Thank you.

Hi, it is already resolved, see this link.

Are you sure that my question is resolved there really? I think that topic is not about the removal of the button.

Thank you.

I want to remove the call action button at all btw.

Does this mean we have to re-download or is this an automatic theme update?
Please provide specifics on how to correct. Thanks.

@mummert: download the latest version please. The issue is fixed.
@sixlevel: you need to redownload until the theme goes live on wordpress. Deactivate and delete the old theme version, then just re-upload the new one.

Here, apply this cusom CSS:

a.roll-button.button-slider {
  display: none;

I’ll check why that button won’t disappear.

No, everything is OK, just need to download new version.

That’s solved.
Thank you.