Cali - Page slider text breaking points and sizes on different screen sizes

Hey, I want to ask help with Cali theme.
Some post text on page slider dont fit and break badly. How to make it better?

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To help me easily get the exact solution to suggest for that case, please do:

  • Provide us a screenshot to the issue you’re seeing
  • Provide us a link to your site, where I can inspect directly

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aThemes Support


Weird, I replied via email, but it didn´t come through.

I´m gonna apologize beforehand if my questions will be a big headache. Hope you can help.


This site is in estonian and all work is done on clone version (no visitors can see nor take actions). Shared site url is a clone version, what in the future will replace old one.

Live-website (till clone is ready) is without “/test” (at this moment live- website uses different theme not Cali theme, which I want to replace for future live site, that’s why it’s bit more complicated)

Is it possible arrange a time when I put it “online” visible, for you to inspect?
(If possible I dont want this non-ready clone to be visible really long for accental use by visitors)

Issues .

Some examples: (on attachments)

Bad word breaking (dested on mobile, 360x640)

  1. “Holistiline Psühhoteraapia”… “Psühhoteraapia” should be all together 1 word… right now “i” is seperately.

  2. “Refleksoloogiline massaaž”…

“Refleksoloogiline” should be 1 one word, but breaks into refleksoloogil - ine.

Bad word breaking + text doesnt fit on post slider (tested on HiDpi dekstop 1440x900 - same happens responive 1024px dektop version)

  1. Text dont fit inc. post category, which isnt now even visible

  2. “Meditsiiniliste kaanide müük”… “meditsiiniliste” is 1 word… now

Mobile L 425px and Tablet 768px is ok.
Mobile M 375 px and Mobile S 320px happens bad word breaking again.
Inspected with inspection tool.

What can be done with text fitting and for bad word breaking?
(Maybe even some plugin what recognize estonian language for bad word breaking?)

If I need more help and have questions about Cali customizing, then…
Do You want them here or each question-issue seperately topic?

Big thanks,