Is it possible to add a forward-looking Calendar widget? There is a calendar of past posts, but what if you would like a calendar of future events? Do you know of a widget I could install that would work? Thanks!

Not sure we can help you here with that. You should search for a calendar plugin on

Thanks. I’ve tried using calendar widgets I found without finding something that works well. Will try a regular calendar plugin via a short code in a text widget.

Thanks for your help. By the way, are you going to make a “pro” version of the Astrid theme? I can see a few areas where some additional flexibility and customization options would be useful. Excellent as is, though

Yes, it’s ready for release and probably tomorrow it will be available.

Feel free to list the extra options you’re thinking of and we might include them in the next update.

Great. Hopefully it is reasonably priced. :wink:

Options I might like to see would include:

Header – shading/opacity option including the color of the shading and the percent opacity.
Option for a header slider
An option for non-ALL CAPS big header title.
Font Colors
Event calendar – not just a calendar of past events as is currently – and that would integrate “projects” page/file type with the calendar.
Further options in the contact area of the footer – like for example, for width of section, we are using an e-mail address that wraps due to length which throws off the section. Also the option for a footer logo doesn’t appear to work very well (vertical height seems constrained, squashing the logo).
Perhaps, a way to control the number of project shown on one line (currently appears to be 4 for a full width section)

I’ll probably think of more as I continue to work with it.

Thanks again!

I think it will be at 50% off when it’s launched, so probably $24.5 for the first few days with a discount code. Not sure though, I don’t make the offers.

The calendar you mention isn’t part of the theme, it’s part of WordPress. See this please.

Controlling the projects columns is a bit tricky as there’s the image size to consider. See my answers here please.