I inserted several buttons on my front page as your demo in Sydney, the problem is that when I click on each page does not slide to why?

In the room to put the URL I put # pg-8-2 and so on, but not working.

How I can know that URL (# pg-8-2) corresponding to each of the front page?

Thank You!

By the way, you may no longer be the option of setting the time of passage between a slide and another on the home page in the new version of Sydney?

In the theme setting option no longer appears in the header slide.

How I can do?

Thank You


You can find those ids with the Chrome dev tools. Or you can see your page ID when you click on Edit Page (it’s in the URL) and build the IDs like this:

#pg-page ID-position of the row (0, 1, 2 etc.)

That option is still there, have another look.