Button to popup blocked on mobile


Hello again.

This page above has a button from WebinarJam, that displays a webinar-registration popup when clicked.

Everything works super on a desktop pc.

But on moblie - and I have tested it across Iphone and Samsung, with the same results - the screen greys out but the popup does not appear.

If I manually refresh the page in the mobile browser - again, both on IOS and Android - then click the button again, sometimes the popup will apear.

The popup is mobile friendly, yet something about my setup is stopping it.

Any ideas?


Hello Ben,

I’ve just checked that page on Android phone and popup worked, have you already resolved this issue?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hey Roman,

No I didn’t resolve it. You must have got one of the odd occasions that it works! It works, but very intermittently (during my testing, anyway)

Can you check it again for me? Any ideas what might be causing it?

Ben P

Hello Ben,

Can you check it again for me?

I checked it once again in Chrome and Firefox (latest versions), on Android 8.1 phone, and popup still worked well.

Any ideas what might be causing it?

You can try to deactivate all plugins except recommended for Sydney Pro and that popup plugin, and see if it helps. Also you can try to contact that plugin support.

Kind Regards, Roman.