Button or link that leads directly from single product page to check out page

Hi Kharis,

furthermore there is unfortuantely no button on the single product site that leads to the check out page.

For example: if a customer puts a product into the cart on the the single product site, the customer can not move directly to the check out page. There is just a notification with a button “Warenkorb anzeigen” on top that leads to the cart:

Is there any chance to create a button or notification with a button “Weiter zur Kasse”?

Or alternatively, could I change the existing notification button to “Weiter zur Kasse” instead of “Warenkorb anzeigen”. So, that the customer could go directly to the check out page?

I hope, you could understand what I mean.


Hi Alexander,

Seems likely you’re looking for a feature that hasn’t been available yet in the current version of WooCommerce. But, there might be a solution for that from an additional plugin, that you can find at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,

I see your point. Will do so.


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