Button links -front page

The button links on the home page- “See more Services”; “meet the team” and “learn more” are not working. How can I fix them?


If you’ve imported the demo content, then you’ll need to edit those respective widgets and replace the anchors with your own row IDs.
We usually need to see your site in order to help, especially for your other topics.

Thank you I redirected it to the service page.

Here is the link to the site - http://emergentelement.com/

Also, I just made it public to show you the site and it added a front page link. Now I have home and front page.

Please advise how to solve these situation.


Where you see #pg-8-1, #pg-8-2 etc. in the button fields you need to replace with #pg-221-X where X is the position of the row, starting from 0

As you can see, I am learnign as I go. How do I find the row position?


You count them :slight_smile: 0 is the first row.

For example for the Meet the Ceo button you’ll add #pg-221-3