Button linked to next page

hi, i have another question on:

How to link a button to another page in sydney pro theme?

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I’m assuming you mean on the menu since that’s what you linked? Simply use the Custom Links tab on the left, same as any other theme.
Please note that there is no reason to link admin pages as I cannot see them anyway without being logged in.

Also, you just need one latest news widget as it already shows the posts in three columns :slight_smile:

Thank you the Sydney theme is great I just want to know how to set the SP timeline widgets and that’ all for me.

Have a look, I am impress by the result! you did a freakin amazing job.


What I meant about the latest news is to use just one on a one-column row so it looks nice. When you’ll have three posts they will be displayed in three columns.

See this part of the documentation for the timeline widget. You just import the new settings, add timeline events like you did services etc. and that’s it.

Is it possible to change the link from the main page?
The Sydney theme is linked to the posts but I want to link the button to the shop. Thank you