Button action to scroll down in a one page site



For the button I have on my home page, how do I link a click on it to scrolling down to show my liveComposer block “What we do”

How can I do that ?

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Here is my website link : http://www.elum-energy.com


Hello there,

you have to change the button link with this #dslc-module-23 instead of #primary



Hi Awan,

Thank you very much !

It works perfectly,



I am not understanding the reference structure. How can I know the #name of any given widget or block on my page? I am actively working on http://www.valjeansociety.org

Thank you!


I got it figured out. Very cool. Is there a way to tell it which number of widget for mobile viewers? Something like #pg-165-2-3 if the 3rd widget in the “2” bar is the goal? I may just have to put target widget in their own bar. Any input would be appreciated!


Hi @getlegalhelp

There is no different between desktop views and mobile views. They has same element ID and to get the element ID, you have to inspect the HTML element using chrome dev tools as example http://prntscr.com/9tmb0k